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Stay connected during this overwhelming time!


On Monday, March 16, we spoke with Dr.Yanis Ben Amor on the pandemic.

After watching the talk, read more information and join the drawing challenge put forth by the illustrator Weiman Kow

Here are some children's storybooks to share with your families & peers & students! My Hero is You and Mystery of the Missing Soap

Futures of Education?

Chalkboard Drawings

UNESCO invites you to share your thoughts about how education can be used to shape the future of humanity and the planet.

Submit your thoughts and ideas by clikcing the link below!


Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

This resource is an exploration of Earth's systems and its ability to sustain life through "a video course for high school teachers and college-level instruction; 13 half-hour video programs, online text, professional development guide, and interactives."

Eco Ambassador Study

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Take a look at this survey findings from one of our Eco Ambassadors, Aalok Bhatt, from Millburn High School, who conducted a survey to assess the reactions and behaviors surrounding plastics by the student population.

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Take your knowledge, passion & ideas on microplastics and turn them into a radio production with fellow Eco Ambassadors! This 1-day workshop led by Columbia University's Brighton Kaoma will feature a training on effective media/communication along with group activities resulting in a radio segment production on microplastics issue.

Register at:

Eco Ambassador


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Along with microplastics expert Professor Joaquim Goes, our Eco Ambassadors will be sharing their projects with American Language Program of the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University. Thank you Professor Frances Boyd for inviting us to your program!

Activity of the week

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What is happening in your neighborhood's stores and stores to refill, reuse & recycle?

Check out this activity and share your findings with us!


tips & considerations


'Tis the season to gather! With the holidays approaching, here are some considerations to make your family & social gatherings more eco-friendly. Also check out our Eco Ambassador Nidhi Thakur's blog on her event

and an example of dining ware rental for your events !


Colorful Leaves

Thanksgiving is here!

We would like to suggest an activity of "paying it forward" with a letter to your neighbors for this season of reflection and gratitude as Eco Ambassadors and community members.

Awareness activity


All good changes start from AWARENESS.

Here is an activity for you to assess how much plastic we have & use in our midst.

Eco ambassador

Green Leaves

Check out 3 of our Eco Ambassadors' projects selected from Summer 2019 Pilot

as well as our follow-up conversation with them


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Press "Click Here" button to see a quick video overview of the presentation from the 2nd in-person workshop.

After you watch the video, you can click the PDF icon below to see the PowerPoint slides in further detail.

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Halloween follow up

What will you do with all the leftover pumpkins from Halloween? COMPOST THEM!

Find your local composting site,

like this one in West Orange, New Jersey

with Java's Compost!


Halloween activity

Halloween is here!

How are you going to go plastic free?

We are suggesting your very own, custom designed

Trick-or-Treat bag to carry around to show & share with everyone how you're going plastic-free!