Teach SDG 4.7 for a sustainable future(3


Whether you're a school teacher, a community educator, or a youth leader, if you want to help spread knowledge and skills for taking action for a sustainable future, you're in the right place!

We invite educators to submit lesson plans that teach core curriculum topics through the lens of the SDGs and SDG 4.7 in particular, inspiring and equipping learners to take action locally and globally toward achieving the Global Goals.


This page offers resources and a submission portal to help you submit your lesson plan that will be shared across our global network.


The introductory chapters of Sustainable Development primer  by Professor Jeffrey Sachs

The Age of Sustainable Development

are available for free HERE.

Professor Sachs' accompanying free online course is available HERE.



Our free Udemy course "SDG 4.7 Across Curriculum and Education Spaces"

offers key considerations for integrating Education for Sustainable Development in teaching practice.


Enroll in the course HERE.

Watch full length interviews with expert practitioners of Education for Sustainable Development HERE.



Our Lesson Planning Toolkit and accompanying instructional video offer guidance and examples of case-study based, action-oriented lessons for teaching SDG 4.7 themes across core curriculum subjects.

Read the Toolkit here, or watch the video ---->



Upload your lesson plan document using the button below, or input your lesson using our Lesson Submission Portal to submit your lesson plan and links to accompanying resources.


Our team of experts will review your lesson, and add them to our Mission SDG 4.7 Learning Hub!

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