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Conversations with Eco Ambassadors

Professor Jeffrey Sachs with our Eco Ambassadors (from left to right) Skai Pundalik, Vidya Bindal, Aalok Bhatt, Veda Bindal

Our Eco Ambassadors were selected to share their summer projects at the 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development's Education for Sustainability event.

Please click the Eco Ambassadors' names for the projects selected:

Aalok Bhatt

Vidya & Veda Bindal

A month after the Conference presentations, we met up with the Eco Ambassadors to hear their advice, ideas and thoughts on steps forward.

The conversations can be found below:

Aalok Bhatt

Vidya & Veda Bindal

Thanks to the Eco Ambassadors' enthusiasm, we are resuming our Fall 2019 Eco Ambassadors Program by popular demand!

Click here for more information!

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