1st Challenge to Tackle: Plastic Pollution!

The world has come to a point in which we are quite literally breathing, eating, consuming plastic in one form or the other. 

Yet our plastic consumption continues.

Whatever the reason may be-- whether we blame the affordability of plastics (fossil fuels are still subsidized by governments whose byproducts are plastic) or we blame our complacency, comfort and conveniences that make changing lifestyles difficult to stop using plastic-- the reality is that this problem isn't going away.

We look forward to highlighting innovative and creative research and work being done to reduce plastic pollution, and in the meanwhile, we want to build further awareness and knowledge base on the plastic menace.

This video link on The Verge shows shocking findings on micro plastics found through research being done at the Earth Institute, Columbia University.

More to come!


Photo: Daria Shevtsova