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To share public health information on Coronavirus COVID-19 with your trainees and students, please scroll down to Module 6



Before delving into the ICT Center Training Program, this “prep module” is to introduce why the program came into being and what should be the expectations of the program, as well as the trainees themselves. Emphasis should be given to breaking the ice among trainees as well as between the trainees and Center Facilitator and management.

Training Module

Computer Module

Training Module 1:

Self & Personal Development

Computer Module 1: Computer Basics & Microsoft Word

Established Goals:

  • To learn the meaning of Growth Mindset and adopt it into trainees’ own learning in the ICT Center training program

  • To identify and articulate trainees’ personal and professional assets and areas needing improvement

  • To review and familiarize with profession related vocabulary and practice conversations

  • To understand concept of self confidence and self advocacy and apply through scenarios

  • To identify positive personal and professional image and apply to professional settings

Training Module 2: Interpersonal Development & Communication

Established Goals:

  • To be aware of, and apply, positive communication strategies

  • Using active listening, non-verbal communication, positive communication and communicating “no”

  • To learn the various medium of communication and practical tips

  • To practice communication in scenarios and circumstances

  • To practice key interview questions

Training Module 3:

Business & Financial Concepts

Established Goals:

  • To know the main parts & functions of a computer and its accessories

  • To learn how to type (properly & with fluency!)

  • To be able to create documents using Microsoft Word

  • To be able to type in Microsoft Word

Computer Module 2:

Cyber Wellness, Internet & Social Media

Established Goals:

  • To learn to adopt strategies and tips to build digital resilience

  • Including understanding positive and negative uses of social media

  • To be able to use Internet for relevant online search

  • To understand key concepts in business marketing

  • To learn 3 major types and uses of social media and privacy settings

  • To practice using SNS for own use (ICT Center as example)

  • To understand how business marketing links to e-mail use

Computer Module 3:

PowerPoint & Effective Presentations

Established Goals:

  • To learn key financial concepts through stories: Decision making and opportunity cost / Savings / Credit / Interest

  • To develop awareness of factors involved in decision-making

  • Tips for better decisions: PAUSE

  • Read scenarios and discuss to apply PAUSE strategies

  • To learn types of expenses and break-even point through categorization and calculation activities

Established Goals:

  • To create PowerPoint presentations

  • Including images

  • To recognize the different between visually good versus bad presentations

  • To understand targeting audiences and then scoping presentation contents

Training Module 4:

Action Plan

Established Goals:

  • To set personal / professional goals using SMART guide

  • Devising a plan to reach goals

  • To understand tips and tools for time management

  • To articulate good leadership

Computer Module 4:


Established Goals:

  • Level 1: To learn Excel basic functions

  • To practice Excel functions and formulas (related to business concepts/examples)

  • Level 2: To generate graphs based on data

Training Module 5: Environment

Established Goals:

  • To gain content knowledge on environmental issues:

    • Plastic pollution & waste management

    • Air pollution & climate change

    • Water quality & issues

    • Fluoride

  • To conduct group project on local environmental issue and share issues with the local community

Training Module 6: Coronavirus COVID-19

Given the current outbreak of Coronavirus as a pandemic as declared by World Health Organization (WHO), we wanted this topic to be covered to as many trainees and their communities as possible:

Established Goals:

  • To have awareness about the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • To know the global status on the outbreak

  • To learn daily hygiene practices to keep ourselves protected