Dear Eco Radio Workshop participants,


We are excited to see you on Zoom

this Saturday, March 28th, 10AM

for the Eco Radio Workshop on COVID19 by

Brighton Kaoma!

To feature your story in our collective Eco Radio project, and make it relevant & personal, please follow the Assignment below !


                                                      Recording an Audio Commentary

                                               (Length of recording: 2 minutes):  


                                                                     An audio commentary is just that––recording someone or yourself                                                                         expressing their point of view or opinion on the topic you have                                                                             chosen.


In this case we are asking you the question; what are you doing to cope with COVID-19 and what advice do you have for other young people in a similar situation? How are you managing and handling self isolation?

Audio commentaries are used to allow people to express their thoughts and why they believe what they do, using a personal story to narrate their experience of a particular issue.


It is often written-out beforehand and read, but can also be talked through from a few bullet points on a page. This allows listeners to hear different opinions and points of view on your topic



                Begin by introducing yourself and a quick description of place (e.g. Hello my name is Eunice

                Schimdt and right now I am at home in the living room overlooking the Hudson river____).  

Environment for recording:

                Sit on a couch in a room with closed curtains and a carpet. This minimizes the empty sound you                      get in rooms. Set everything up the way you like it before you start. Check for interfering noise,                        like air conditioners, refrigerators, traffic, radios, or noisy crumpling of sweet wrappers in front of                      the microphone on your phone. Turn off noisy appliances, music, and move away from them if                          possible.

If music, TV or the radio is playing:

                Ask for the music, TV or radio to be turned off for a few minutes

.               If this is not possible, move away from them.

                Any musical or talking background is very difficult to edit.


If a noisier environment is what you want because it expresses something

about where you are: Hold the mic close to the person speaking, and make sure to record 30-seconds

of the noise itself without any talking over it.

If people are being very noisy around you:

                Always feel free to control the “people environment” around you.

               Explain to them that you are recording, and politely ask them to be quiet if needed.



                  The Audio Commentary assignment given during the Workshop is due on

                  Sunday, March 29 by 11:59pm via WhatsApp to +1.347.606.5245.


Thank you!

For any questions, please email 


See you on Saturday!

  • We will remind you on the Zoom call, but please remember to:

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