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Victor Kobayashi Award for the Best Journal Article:

Sponsored by The Environmental and Sustainability Education Special Interest Group (ESE SIG) at CIES

The annual Victor Kobayashi Awards were instituted in 2020 to honor the legacy of Victor Nobuo Kobayashi (1932-2018) and his support for the Environmental and Sustainability Education Special Interest Group. A Professor Emeritus of Educational Foundations at the University of Hawaii, Dr. Kobayashi contributed to the field of comparative and international education for more than four decades. His presidential address at CIES in 2006 centers around the furies of human conflict and the devastation of the global environment that destruct our relationships with others and other creatures[1]. He calls for a revolution in comparative education that highlights the interconnectedness of life in the study and practice of education. The awards therefore are intended to encourage both research and field-based initiatives that advance the work in environmental and sustainability education.  The award acknowledges the academic work of scholars focusing on sustainability and environmental education issues globally. The winner of the award will be given an opportunity to give a brief presentation at the ESE SIG Business Meeting at the 2021 CIES Annual Conference. The Awards Committee does not specify any research topic or methodology that will be given priority. It will keep in mind the issues of environmental and social justice. No special privileges will be given to any particular institution, gender, race/ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Specific criteria for selection of the article are: 1) Submissions can be made by ESE SIG Members only  2) Article should have been published in a peer reviewed Journal between 2019 and the present. 3) The author(s) should have earned a Master’s Degree.  4) Article must focus on educational issues relevant to the field of sustainability and environment. 5) Article must clearly describe the empirical approach (if any) and be grounded in an appropriate theoretical/conceptual framework and methodology. 

6) Article must make a contribution to the field of comparative and international education and show promise of a significant contribution towards existing theory, policy or practice of education. 

7) The awardee is encouraged to participate at the 2021 ESE SIG Business Meeting at CIES. 8) The article must be submitted in English.  Only electronically received copies will be considered. Submissions should include name(s), email ID(s) phone number(s), and a copy of the published article. Please email the article to cies.esd.sig@gmail.com by December 15th, 2020. Please also copy Radhika Iyengar at radhikaiyengar@gmail.comand Carine Verschueren at cv2343@tc.columbia.edu

[1]Kobayashi, V. (2007). Recursive patterns that engage and disengage: Comparative education, research and practice. Comparative Education Review, 51(3), pp. 261-280.

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