• Radhika Iyengar

Movie party at the Millburn public library

The eco-ambassadors were given an assignment to organize a movie party. Eco-ambassadors Vidya and Veda Bindal organized the Movie show at the Millburn Public library. There were more than 25 children present at the event. The Movie "Microplastic Madness” was screened. The children attentively watched the movie. The movie followed a discussion led by the students. Discussion on micro-fibers led to children trying to find a solution for it. What kind of filters to be used to control micro-fibers? Students came up with suggestions on how to control the plastic pollution at homes. Some said that they kept re-using the plastic bags and others said that they are careful not to take any plastic bags from the market. Many students said that they take their own bags. The session ended with students discussing how they are going to become eco-activist at homes, schools and in their communities.

Cheers eco-ambassadors!

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