• Radhika Iyengar

“I wish we had more of this in our school”

Reflections from Vidya Bindal, Middle School, Millburn, NJ

On the 13th of December 2019, a meeting took place at the library in our town. The goal was to raise awareness about the environment. It began with a movie, featuring a group of 4th/5th graders who made a difference in their community, and made it a greener place. They especially looked at the microplastics in their bay area. They collected samples and examined them under the microscope. After the movie we discussed.  We learned that in 2050 there will be more plastic (in weight) than fish in the ocean. Also, there were over 5 trillion microbeads in the oceans. Some points that were discussed were about the microfabrics that came from people’s clothes when they were washed.Some valuable suggestions came up too.The micro fabrics could be caught instead of let into the environment and made into clothes once again. Also, it was brought up that every store could have a grade in their front window. If they were extremely eco-friendly, they would receive an A. The grades would go down from there. Also, all the shoppers would be signaled that the store was worried about getting a grade if they didn’t have one in their window. That could only mean one thing. The store was not eco-friendly. Also, restaurants can start selling the reusable containers themselves. That way all take -out would be plastic-free. Everyone unanimously agreed that they would try to help in any way possible and that as much plastic was reduced was as many lives (of not only humans but animals too) saved.

Watching the movie, and seeing how schools were taking kids out to check microplastics in the ocean and then to talk to Council Members in the city, I was impressed that schools are making time from studies for these activities. I wish our schools did that more. They could either extend school by half hour, or switch some classes to make room for such activities.  

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