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FIVE SHORT Videos TO WATCH on youtube, as we stay socially distanced.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

By Vidya T. Bindal

As virtual schooling keeps most of us staring at our screens, I fear that locked in our rooms, we might be beginning to feel that the four walls of our rooms define our world. The truth is that our world is literally the huge planet we live on, and even when we live a hectic un-changing routine of long screen-based hours of school and homeworks, the real world--our planet and everything in it is constantly changing. The Bad news is that most of the current changes are in a bad direction. The Good news is we might still be able to do something. So here is what I did over the short winter-break in December. I kept adding to my Santa list, reluctantly wrapped a few gifts for my sister, made a few greeting cards, drank a lot of hot chocolate, tossed my soccer ball a zillion times, but most significantly, I watched five short films that continue to echo for me almost daily. I want to share my take on these five very short youtube based films. They give us interesting insights into Climate Change, and did I mention, that these are short (so we could easily squeeze these into our busy schedules, and not wait for a weekend to watch them).

Video 1

Climate Change Short Film: The End of Humanity


Review for video 1

In this five minute documentary, I was fascinated to see all the possible things that will happen when climate change crescendos to its absolute worst! With factual evidence and an alarmingly long list of what will happen, I was shown captivating yet horrifying pictures and videos of our oceans that will soon turn acidic, of the many species that will soon die out, and of the drought that will hit and wipe out civilization as we know it. The pictures were extremely saddening and brought reality to my eyes, and also touched on the biggest reasons for climate change. I recommend this capsule show to see what looks very distant right now.

Video 2

How to Save Our Planet


Review for video 2

In a more positive view of climate change, this video touches on what the downfalls of climate change will be, while also talking about what we can do to prevent such a disastrous end to our planet. One of the main points in the short film is that we have to learn to live in harmony with the earth. We need to figure out how to live sustainably, and as the narrator puts it, “In the next few decades we need to do something unprecedented.” The fact that this is something humans have not been able to do is quite disappointing and really puts reality into perspective as well as the greed of humans. This short film brings a more effective view of climate change while still reminding us of the dangers ahead. I felt a bit optimistic upon seeing this video, because I felt I can start a positive change.

Video 3

His Epic Message Will Make You Want to Save the World


Review for video 3

“How are we not a miracle? We are perfectly positioned to the sun so we don't burn but not too distant so we don’t turn to ice. Goldilocks said it best, we are just right.” This is a quote from the video, the video that had me overcome with emotions within the span of 4 minutes. Sadness, happiness, anger, and shame. As the narrator put it, we have been alive on this earth for 3 seconds compared to how old the earth is. We have caused so much damage in those three seconds, whether it be our animals completely dying out, not having enough clean food to eat, or not having enough water to drink. Through rhymes and gripping imagery, I was shown how beautiful our earth is, and just how much we would lose. I would recommend this short film for people to watch because of the feeling of empowerment and the feeling of saying to yourself, “I can do this. I can save our earth.”

Video 4

This is us - Climate Change is Real


Review for video 4

In this particular short film, I saw something that wasn’t seen in the other ones. The main element was about getting people to raise their voices. Together. As one. As stated in the video, when humans spoke out against something together, it worked. Unnervingly clear pictures and videos showed trees being chopped down and of the ice caps melting, but also showed empowering pictures of people coming together to protest what our current leaders are doing for climate change. As the short film said, “This is us.”

Video 5

Nature Is Speaking - Julia Roberts is Mother Nature


Review for video 5

In a new take on environmental videos, we are shown Mother Nature’s point of view on climate change. This video may make you rethink what you think of mother earth because through this video, yes she is hurt, and she is bitter. She realizes that if she flourishes, we flourish, and if she falters, we falter. She has taken out species bigger than ours and kept species bigger than ours alive. Nature does not need us, it makes no difference to her if we are there or not. We neednature because we rely so heavily on it, and without it we cannot survive. “One way or the other your actions will determine your fate. Not mine. I am nature. I will go on. I am prepared to evolve.”


I hope you enjoy these videos and feel inspired!

Vidya T. Bindalis a 7th grader at the Millburn Middle School, NJ. She is an avid soccer player and an eco-ambassador and thus she can be found kicking a ball in the wooded backyard by herself all day long!

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