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Event: Reaching the Hardest to Reach with Education Technology During COVID

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Reaching the Hardest to Reach with Education Technology During COVID Co-Sponsored by The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), Earth Institute, Columbia University & South Asia Special Interest Group (SIG) at the Comparative International Education Society (CIES).

Education has been disrupted during the COVID19 pandemic. Millions of children have trying different models of learning remotely with the help of parents, teachers, extended families and others. What have we learned so far from the ground? What has worked and what needs to be improved?

This panel will look at the Kerala model from India and learn from the governmental and NGO actions on the ground. Join us in discussing education in the COVID19 times with concrete examples from Kerala on the use of technology to ensure learning continuity.

Let us also learn the lessons for sustainable development and what we can infuse in the education systems to build back better.

Our esteemed panelists:

  • Anvar Sadath, CEO, Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education, Government of Kerala

  • Professor V.K. Damodaran, President Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust and Member, Governing Board and Executive Committee Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment

  • Sajitha Bashir, Adviser, Office of the Global Director for Education, World Bank


  • Tania Saeed, Assistant Professor-Tenure, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, LUMS University, Pakistan

  • Yanis Ben Amor, Executive Director of Center for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University


  • Radhika Iyengar, Director Education of Center for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University. Chair of the Environmental and Sustainability Special Interest Group at CIES

  • Haein Shin, Education Technical Adviser, Center for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University

Please see below documents and links shared by our speakers:

Facing Forward : Schooling for Learning in Africa. By Bashir, Sajitha; Lockheed, Marlaine; Ninan, Elizabeth; Tan, Jee-Peng.   World Bank regional flagship


TV Based Learning in Bangladesh : Is it Reaching Students?


Status Report – Government and Private Schools During COVID-19, India.  By Oxfam


Survey on National Education Responses to COVID-19 School Closures  - UNESCO-  UNICEF- World Bank


The effect of school closures on standardized student test outcomes.    Study about Belgium schools during COVID


National report at Times Of India published on 22nd October


Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)


South Asia Special Interest Group of CIES


Center for Sustainable Development


A PSM in Kerala
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