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Nidhi Thakur's Diary of a "Sustainability-Attempter"

Updated: Nov 22, 2019



...Because Sustainability is a seemingly uphill task, every small success is worth celebrating....so here is a page from the diary of a 'Sustainability-Attempter':

Hosted an almost 40 women Diwali meet/greet Lunch-chai-chat session at home over the weekend, and declared weeks ahead that wanted to make it eco-friendly....here are the lessons:

1. Everyone was SO ONBOARD! They all wanted to support as much as they could.

2. Utensils and cutlery were the  main target, and immediately, the idea that we could use a bunch of pooled in mix-n-match reusables like steel or Corelle/corningware, was accepted. Likewise for the spoons.....Pool in---wash and return!

3. Liquid containers are the BIGGEST MENACE ---since people typically use a plastic cup once and then go for a fresh one since their used one gets lost in the pool of other used cups. Markers for plastic cups, helps, but we all know that reusable over single-use would be Swell!  In that spirit, friends VOLUNTEERED to get their own cups. One best samaritan...actually got 12 tea-cups----each with a different colored cord tied to its handle as a marker (ok this last gesture made me very emotional, and it makes me BELIEVE that with true-blue efforts like that----the earth might just have a second shot at green-clean.)

4. Everyone--most actually--- complied with NO gifts policy, opting instead to contribute for a CHARITY......and thus, icing on the cake, we were together able to raise $85 in cash!

5. As decors we used everything from last Diwali, plus my kids, over a course of a month, made strings of 'woolen marigolds' ---we can wash them and reuse for next year! they also made some posters for diwali, with diyas.


7. The hitch: Borrowing plates and spoons from friends, NEEDS time! Plus, it may not be possible for everyone to LEND their plates/spoons (for multiple reasons-- veg, non-veg is an issue, or maybe some plates are too dear/fancy)...and that is perfectly understandable......the idea is DO NOT GIVE UP.....I don't think anyone means anything personally.....so keep going!

So, overall 40 BEAUTIFULLY DRESSED, FANCY AND FUN ladies got together over the course of a couple of hours, over food and oodles of chai, AND NOT EVEN ONE FULL BAG OF TRASH WAS CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends were creative enough to tease me that this is a BYOB (as in Bring Your Own Bartan--a hindi word for pots) party.....but overall we were all happy.

I feel so so so OBLIGED to all the friends who made this Diwali truly precious for me, and for all of us--I hope!


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