Participants in our Eco Ambassador program:

  • Complete Eco Ambassador training modules to learn research and advocacy skills, and how to use GIS and digital storytelling tools to raise awareness of sustainability solutions

  • Receive mentorship support  to conduct their own research with Earth Institute faculty and researchers

  • Participate in panel discussions with youth participants together with SDG experts

  • Create Storymaps using ArcGIS, and associated lesson plans, to publish to the Mission 4.7 web platform

  • Create, test, and provide feedback on various SDG-oriented learning resources


By the end of the program, participants will: 

  • gain knowledge on the SDGs and sustainable development in their community.

  • gain access to scientists, policy makers, climate journalists, researchers and become aware of their research to expand their own research. 

  • become a part of a network of youth to facilitate exchange of ideas and brainstorm solutions. 

  • learn skills to collect real-time data 

  • learn GIS mapping. 

  • learn storytelling skills

  • create lesson plans to teach their peers

How can you use digital storytelling tools to promote sustainability solutions?

See how Summer 2021 Eco Ambassadors are using StoryMaps!

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